• About Us

    Zumbook is an all-digital, book printing company that provides Print-On-Demand tools for authors and book publishers.

    We are a high-quality book printing company with fast turnaround and, extremely competitive pricing.

    Unlike most book publishing companies, there are no book set up fees. An author or a publisher can order Minimum order of 25 books .

    With no setup fees Zumbook allows for updating and corrections when needed and the easy to use tooling (text replacement, cover updates etc.) make the task fast and effortless.

    Privacy and Copyright

    Privacy and copyright issues are of extreme importance to authors and Zumbook has taken comprehensive measures to ensure that both are fully addressed.

    At Zumbook, authors have the ability to keep projects completely private so that only they can see them.

    Under no circumstances does Zumbook retain any portion of copyright at any time.


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